Our Curriculum Overview


Herbarium Institute Of International Hotel Studies is one of the pioneer institutes in the country, which offers its students a very practical and advanced infrastructure in all departments. Right from the moment you enter our campus; you will be welcomed with massive plantations and a big waterfall. The labs and the relaxation areas are all updated regularly so that our young hoteliers can experience the hotel environment, as they study in our air conditioned modern and well-equipped classrooms and make cocktails in our world class mock bar.The students are encouraged to use tablets and laptops with fast 5G-wifi networks available all the time.

 In Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies, a student is groomed to highest International Standards with our International labs, classrooms and student get-together zones. Students can also focus on their physique by working out in a special dedicated fitness room and become good in strength and mind. What else? We also ensure that institute’s infrastructure gets up dated regularly as per latest Hotel and Hospitality Industry demand. Infrastructure of Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies is much ahead as compared to any other institution. Our Institution is always leading as it has good reception, which gives highly relaxing and vibrant feeling to all our valuable guests.


Mock Bar at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies is a very advanced and well-equipped training bar; where our expert faculty trains students in various wines, liquors, mock tails and cocktails. Students learn about French and Italian wines and Flambé’ services besides learning about aperitifs and digestifs. Students are also trained extensively in alcoholic spirits like Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka and Brandy. To become a successful Bar Manager, a student must learn how to handle the bar and promote various wines and finger foods. Our bar has been ranked as one of the top training bars in the country by our students and rightly so. Our Mock Training Bar is equipped with all bar equipment’s, a dedicated glass washing area, ice cubes area, juggling zone and high chairs for students to sit and practice as other students shake and stir some of the best cocktails.


We have most advanced Kitchen Training Lab, with best Facility to train our students in Hot kitchen, Cold kitchen, Butchery Section, Soup Section, Bakery and Confectionery Section. During kitchen training from beginners to advanced levels, knowledge is imparted about various types of spices, different type of equipments’ usages and their temperature. Importance of hygiene and uniform is must for Kitchen including clean uniform, proper hair cut, trimmed finger nails, safety shoes and hand gloves use. There are different sections in our kitchens for students like-

1. Continental Kitchen

 Food is prepared in Continental Style.

(a) Soup Section

 All types of soups are made ready Indian or Continental, Veg/ Non veg.

2. Indian Kitchen


  • Where all type of tandoori items are cooked or roasted.

(b) Curries

Various types of curries are prepared.

3. Cold section

All kind of salad, vegetarian & non-vegetarian are prepared. Cold Meat preparation, vegetable, fruits, ice carvings are done. Decorations of food festivals are done in this section.


 A pantry serves as a place to store food products and appliances, from jars of pasta and bottled sauces, to an integrated coffee machine. Tea/ Coffee, different type of snacks is prepared.

5. Bakery & Confectionery Section

A bakery (or baker’s shop) is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cakes, pastries, and pies. Confectionery is the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

Culinary Skills at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies

Welcome to the Culinary Zone at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies

Consider how much there is to learn,how far you want to go. Recoganised as one of the top Culinary Arts Programs in the Country, Our Award – winning Comprehensive curriculum is designed to each the actual practice and art of cooking through theory, technique, plate training, speed, and teamwork.

These will be essentials for success in the culinary landscape.

Your priority is learning . Ours is you.

Now Imagine A classroom at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies , where you and your progress matter. With no more as forge the personal contacts that will guide you through your jounery.

Every Class will teach you a specific skill- classes will intensify in difficulty as you continue to grow and develop.beginning with basic palate training, our culinary arts chef – instructors will help train your senses, guiding you through the vast sea of subtle tastes and flavours , from herbs and condiments to vegetables and meats.

Your evolution will continue through an introduction- and subsequent mastery- of culinary techniques such as knife skills, dry and moist-heat cooking methods, sauce making, restaurants simulations and pastery and baking . to name a few. Your chef-instructors mentoring will enhance your education and give the foundation for a great career.


Your Culinary roots will be ground and classical cooking technique, However, your experience in the program will be unmistakably global. Thailand, india, Japan, Italy,spain -the technique ingredients and distinctive flavours of all these regions and other will be a part of your culinary passport,taking you anywhere in the industry, and more importantly, the world.

And a part of worldly knowledge is gaining real-life application. After 400 hours of intensive classwork, our


Training and placements are arranged all around all the world. Herbarium Institute Of International Hotel Studies is in fact very pro-actively encouraging students for Industrial Training, where they are taken to various Hotels and Hospitality organizations, so that they get a wide knowledge of other hotels all over India and abroad. During their training period they learn all the aspects of hospitality and also how to welcome a guest and type of amenities, which a guest needs. Industrial training is mandatory for every hotelier as they also learn different kinds of operation in the hotel. A guest who checks out should never forget how you made them feel.

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