3 Years Integrated Degree in Hotel Management Studies(6 Semesters)

Alloted Classes: Practical Sessions(80%)Theory Classes (20%)

Course Requirement:

Age: Student must be above 17 years of age

Qualification: Minimum Qualification is XII Pass or Result Awaited

No Visible Tattoo Marks on the body

3 years course in Hotel Management Studies will groom you to become highly in-demand International Hotelier in your career.

 We are internationally recognized for our quality students and our placements happen all across the globe. We have a very structured program and the student will have a very planned movement in our institution. All candidates will get trained in four major departments.

1-Kitchens (Food Production)

2-Food and Beverages Services

3-House Keeping

4-Front Office

Along with international German Language preparations   and   University Of Cambridge London Guided English Program. For this course the student will get a degree through IGNOU (Government Certified Program).

Semester 1

A student at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies will be trained in detailed Kitchen programmed involving various cuisines like Indian, Thai, French, Continental, Japanese Chinese and others, Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverages Services along with German Language Level A1 and English Language Level A1


Semester 2

The management skills of the student will be groomed in the field of Cost Control, International Hotel Research Projects, Food Festivals & Wine Festivals knowledge held in 5 star Hotels, Guest Interactions, Portion Controlling, Standard Recipes, Menu Planning and the like. German Level A2 and English Language Level A2 will be a part of this semester.

Semester 3

A student will start with Hotel Projects, where students will start moving to various 5 Star hotels under the guidance of faculty, where they will get the live experience of the hotel industry, which would prove beneficial to them.They will also learn other subjects like HR, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Generation and French and Italian Wines’ knowledge for various international hotels.

Semester 4

A student will now be ready to undergo in-depth and comprehensive 6 Months’ Industrial Training programmed in a 5 star hotel in India or Abroad along with paid stipend. This training is compulsory and to be done in all major operations departments.HETA Programmed follows immediately after this.


After the completion of 4th Semester and before the start of 5th Semester, HETA programed is introduced, where students go to foreign locations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and others to get international exposure. A very Extensive Tour For Future Growth.After completing their training of six months, they are also trained in various fields of all the four main departments. Before they get ready for an Interview in 5 star hotels.

Semester 5

Students will be participating in live events organized by institute.Will be a Hard Core Specialization training where students will be choosing 2 main Dept. and they will be trained accordingly. Because at this time the student will have a proper vision of which Department to go for.

Semester 6

The Final Semester also is very important semester for a student. In this semester, a student will be made to revise all the basics and advanced concepts learnt during the course for the job Preparation Interview Extensive Group Discussions, Presentation, Extempore, Online and Offline Interview Skills, Physical Appearance, Grooming will be trained. A student will be made to appear in various international and national 5 Star hotels Interviews for Placements.

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