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Herbarium Institute Of International Hotel Studies

Herbarium Institute Of International Hotel Studies has been founded on the principles of dedication, hard work, perseverance and desire to succeed. The institute has its own spacious and fully equipped building measuring over 8000 sq. ft. in the heart of New Delhi, which is easily accessible from all parts of the city via Delhi Metro - Magenta and Blue Line.

The institute has a welcoming environment and highly professional way of training the students who aspire to be hospitality professionals. The institute is a follower of practical oriented studies and that is why our students have hands-on experience to work in any hospitality organization

Do you dream of a world class education with a chance to excel in your passion or hobbies? Then, your stay at Herbarium Institute will offer you best of both. With your regular studies and practicals, you will also be encouraged to try your hands at your hidden talents; be it playing a guitar, or shaking your leg on some of your favorite tunes. A student at Herbarium Institute cherishes every hour spent here interacting with like-minded future hospitality professionals and gets tremendous exposure in the field of tourism, hotels and hospitality. HM studies

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You get rewarded and appreciated for any and all talents instilled in you. Be READY!! As everyday at Herbarium Institute you will be invited to showcase your skills and hidden talents.


Food and Wine Sector in the hospitality industry provides many career opportunities within the hospitality management field, statistically it is on par with the hotel industry. Organizations within this category can include everything from a star restaurant and various types of catering services to bars & food and beverage service providers for hotels and resorts. hm studies herbarium education


  • Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies, (HIIHS) New Delhi is the premier institution run by seasoned hoteliers with international hotel and hospitality experience.
  • Students get advantage of Dual Certification with one being a Degree or Diploma and other being an Advanced Certification in International Hotel Studies.
  • HETA Programme of Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies, New Delhi takes all students for International Exposure to Singapore to learn about Hotel and Hospitality Sector.
  • Maximum Percentage of Verifiable International Placements happen at Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies, New Delhi.
  • Herbarium Institute of International Hotel Studies, New Delhi organizes several Chef Competitions and Bar and Wines’ Seminars for all the students at various levels.
  • The only institute to train specializations in International Cookery to become International Chefs from the very First Semester.
  • HIIHS takes pride to share that its students today are holding high managerial positions in various hotels abroad and in India.